Month: February 2018

18 Feb

Changing views

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DN-lss-1-2When the drone hype really kicked in I was sooo sceptical. I thought everything looked the same, and with drone shots the gear becomes so apparent – everyone knows that a photo or video is shot with a drone when they see it. It is never a good thing when the viewer starts to think more about what technique was used rather than to take in what they see.

I came around eventually, obviously. What made me change my mind was Lars Dareberg. In a reportage about murders he used his drone to show where the bodies had been found, not 10 meters from the highway but still impossible to see when driving a car. He showed me that the view from above can be something more than something purely esthetic – it can also help the storytelling.

This shot is from a reportage about a reindeer herderer. I wanted to see what a birds eye view of the scenery would do. The result was: not much. In that case it became something purely visual and it didn’t help the story at all. So those pictures were never published with the story.

16 Feb

Routines and snowy days

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If I’m having one of my office days, just sitting on my butt staring at the computer all day, I generally take a walk through city around lunch time. It helps keeping a clear head, and most often I also run into some people I know and we start talking a little bit. It’s great.

A couple of years ago I read in a blog about a photographer at Sydsvenskan – it might have been Lars Brundin but I’m not 100 % – who used to take a walk to Malmö train station during every lunch hour. There he observed and photographed. Some of the shots he showed on the blog lingers in my mind still. Something in routine that really resonates with me. To have that kind of ritual – go to the same place every day and photograph. Explore that place more and more for every day, trying to find new images. That makes you grow as a photographer.

So, inspired by that Sydsvenskan photographer I’ve started to bring my camera along my lunch walks as well. Earlier this week the snow was coming down hard

vinter-1-2 vinter-2

14 Feb

Ice skating from above

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During the past year I’ve been exploring film editing more and more. Most often in my assignments it’s about covering an event to tell a story about that event or interview a person within that context. But I really enjoy going more cinematic as in this video below.

It was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro when me and my friends enjoyed some ice skating at Nydala lake in Umeå.

Nydala ice skating from Jonatan Stålhös on Vimeo.