Jonatan Stålhös

When I started out with photography my mission was to capture the beauty of our everyday lives. Now, 10 years down the road with a camera by my side, photography is my profession and a way of life. It helps me interpret and relate to the world around me.

Based in Umeå in the northern part of Sweden I work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Since I finished my photojournalism studies at Mid Sweden University in 2014, I have been working with a range of clients both editorial and commercial. Some of my recurring clients are Dagens Nyheter, VK Media, Lärarnas Förbund, Image bank of Sweden, Samefolket and Västerbottens Läns Landsting.

Since late 2016 I’m involved in the documentary film project Vägskäl, about the future for the Swedish countryside.

Member of Swedish Association of Professional Photographers and Synk Bildbyrå.

Dagens Nyheter, Västerbottens-Kuriren, Tidningen Land, Aftonbladet, SvD Junior, TT, Samefolket, Nuorat, Image Bank of Sweden, Henson PR, Film i Västerbotten, Umeå European Film Festival, Vilhelmina Kommun, Västerbottens Läns Landsting and more.

MARKPLAN, 2016, Eljest
Metropolis, 2014, group exhibition at Centrum För Fotografi
Globala Sundsvall, 2013, public group exhibition